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Cooking Session: Creole Chicken with Breadfruit Pie

June 22, 2012

Breadfruit, a key ingredient in Grenada’s national dish Oildown, was one of the main ingredients in this week’s cooking session. On the menu was Creole Chicken with Breadfruit Pie.

Our cook Esther gave some useful facts about breadfruit. She explained that once a ‘full’ (mature) breadfruit is picked it could ripen within a few hours because of the heat (remember Grenada is a tropical island) and would get soft.  As such, she advised everyone to ask the market vendor to open and clean out the gut of the breadfruit when purchasing.  Although the soft ones can be used for the breadfruit pie, it is not appropriate for all dishes.

Please use the following links to download both recipes:

Breadfruit Pie Recipe

Creole Chicken Recipe

There is always an opportunity to learn something new in the cooking session with Esther and Omega at True Blue Bay Resort or at least the opportunity to taste a new dish or a new twist on a well-known dish.  Be sure to join us next Thursday, what’s going to be cooked is always a secret but we heard Omega say she’s bringing a roasted breadfruit! Shush…don’t tell Esther!

Be sure to let us know how your dish turns out.


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