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Easter Bazaar 2012

April 13, 2012

Last weekend True Blue Bay Boutique Resort hosted its annual Easter Bazaar.  It was a fun time for the entire family and there was something for everyone to enjoy.  The kids were especially delighted to go hunting for Easter eggs and even more thrilled to munch the goodies inside. There was a unique assortment of items on display including cheese boards, stone and bone carvings and hand-made craft and jewelry.

Re-purposing various materials ingeniously created several of the items. For instance, the cheese boards were made from slate recovered after the passage of Hurricane Ivan, and buttons and jewelry were created using sea-glass recovered from beaches.

One of the artists, Michael John, inspired by the carvings and artifacts of the Caribs and Arawaks (early inhabitants of Grenada) sort to give visitors a piece of this history that they could take home.  He carves stone by hand that are similar to those of Grenada’s predecessors. It is illegal to sell the genuine artifacts, however, if you would like to view them you may do so at True Blue Bay Resort’s onsite museum. You can also view more of John’s pieces there.

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