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Practicing Yoga in Grenada

April 29, 2013

Several years ago a lady called Liza Williams from a studio called Grenada Yoga came to my office at the hotel and told me: “Hello, I’m Liza, are you Magdalena? We have not met before, but something told me to come and see you and invite you to practice yoga with me”

Well, since then, I have tried to do my best to keep up the practice as I truly enjoy it and I have experienced the changes in my mind, health and physical abilities.

Unfortunately, my now very good friend Liza had to leave the island. I will always be grateful to her for changing my life in such an amazing way.

After some gentle persuasion, I have convinced my husband Russ to build a yoga studio at the Resort and construction is already in progress. In the meantime we have 2 yoga classes a week by our beautiful, new outdoor waterfront deck here at True Blue on Wednesdays and Fridays at 8:30am.


I writing this because I would like to share with you last Friday’s class, as it was “Absolutely Magical.”  We have a new very young and lovely Grenadian yoga instructor called Dawnelle (from Grenada Yoga Fountain of Youth Studio) and she conducted a Yin Yoga class today. The class was, as always, excellent, but today there was definitely some very special energy around the place. The sound of the waves were in perfect harmony with our breath, the sea was shimmering with radiant energy and the pink bougainvillea tree was blessing us with a shower of pink flowers and green leaves falling ever so softly over our bodies. A gentle refreshing breeze kept us cool and when the time came to do Shavasana, looking at the combination of tree branches full of flowers, the perfect blue sky and the occasional feathery looking cloud passing by, made it impossible for the class to close our eyes. It was just not right to miss such a spectacular scene!

All I could think of was to be immensely grateful for such beauty and for being so fortunate to live in the beautiful Caribbean island of Grenada and be the owner of such an amazing piece of paradise, True Blue Bay Boutique Resort.

If you are visiting or living in Grenada, we invite you to join these unique yoga sessions at our beautiful resort.


Magdalena Fielden

For more information about True Blue Bay Boutique Resort activities visit our website For other yoga classes and schedules in Grenada visit

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