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Social & Environmental Sustainability Policy

The True Blue Bay management and staff promote the positive benefits of being in peaceful, natural surroundings for the re-balancing and rejuvenation of body, mind and soul. Set beside the ocean teaming with marine life, there has always been the policy of caring for the environment and the island of Grenada in which the property resides. Here at our coastal escape, the values important to realizing the goal of living in harmony with nature is shared with guests and staff alike.

In our efforts to operate in accordance with the principles of sustainability, we have embraced the following goals and objectives:

  • To provide a truly authentic Grenadian experience to our guests;
  • To ensure that environmental considerations are integrated into the business decision making process using the triple –bottom line model encompassing environment, social and economic concerns;
  • As a corporate leader in the community, to foster social and environmental initiatives towards community and, by extension, national development;
  • To operate in such a way as to satisfy the legislative framework and regulations of the island of Grenada while in compliance with stated policies for the property
    • To provide healthy cuisine and, as far as possible, to use local and traditional sources that will enhance the quality of our fare while ensuring guest safety and satisfaction;
    • To seek the support of suppliers and other stakeholders in our efforts to minimize the production of waste while maximizing the efficient and wise use of the natural resources we require for our operations;
    • To implement programs and activities to reduce the carbon footprint of the property;
  • To do all within our power to conserve the natural ecosystems and habitats with special concerns for the near shore environment and coral reefs and species associated with our facility ( whales, turtles, etc.,);
  • To encourage , support & promote heritage and culture with specific attention to artisans and their development;
  • All stakeholders, staff, guests and suppliers are made aware of the environmental policies, objectives and procedures;
  • The facility will engage in training and environmental awareness of all relevant stakeholders and the community through effective avenues;
  • To commit to addressing our environmental performance through development and maintenance of an adequate system of management inclusive of measurement, assessments and continuous improvement;
  • To employ individuals from the surrounding community to promote economic and social growth in Grenada;
  • To purchase local goods and services which have no adverse effect to the hotel’s general operations or have a negative environmental or social impact
  • To provide relevant local, regional, international agencies with yearly performance data upon request ( e.g. Government of Grenada, GHTA, CAST, Green Globe).

By committing to these measures and principles, True Blue Bay Resort will be a hallmark facility for sustainable tourism in Grenada and the wider Caribbean, while continuing to meet the highest standards of guest service quality.

Environmental Purchasing Policy

The Management and Staff at True Blue Bay are committed to taking into account the environmental and social factors in making selections for products to be utilized on property. To this end we will:

  • Consider the environmental impact of products and chemicals purchased for use on property;
  • Where appropriate employ bulk purchasing to reduce cost and waste associated with products;
  • Consider products with less packaging to reduce both the operational costs for disposal of waste and the volume of waste sent to the landfill, with the intent of increasing its operational lifespan;
  • Support products that employ refillable containers or reusable packaging;
  • Give greater consideration to environmentally sensitive products/chemicals while ensuring that product quality and efficacy is not compromised;
  • Review products for purchase based on the use of packaging material that can be recycled based on availability of such services;
  • Purchase equipment , fixtures and appliances that support our goals of water and energy conservation;
  • Suppliers of these products will be encouraged to adhere to the guidance of this policy and in so engaging and implementing the provisions herein will be classified as preferred suppliers for our facility; and
  • Give preference to quality products that are produced locally, and by extension regionally, thereby supporting the local/regional economy and community, provided there are associated cost and environmental benefits.

By utilizing the above guidelines, we will ensure that True Blue Bay acts in an environmentally responsible manner in regards to products and services chosen to enhance not only the guest experience, but also the environment in its day to day operation.

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