Eco-travel tips for the conscious traveller

Eco-travel tips for the conscious traveller For some of us travel is our bones, we long to explore new terrain, meet new people and marvel at what this beautiful and diverse earth has to offer. [...]

True Blue wins another Sustainability Award

Grenada’s Tourism Sustainability Award goes to True Blue Bay Boutique Resort True Blue Bay Boutique Resort, Grenada’s leading climate-smart business, received the Sustainability award [...]

Top 7 things to pack as a low waste traveller

Top 7 things to pack as a low waste traveller Summer is here! This means many of us are travelling and exploring the world. We hope your plans involve visiting us here at True Blue Bay Boutique [...]

Eco- Friendly Caribbean Resort in Grenada

Eco- Friendly True Blue Bay Boutique Resort brings home another the Environmental Sustainability Award  from the Caribbean Hotel Information Exchange Forum (CHIEF) 

18 Things to do in Grenada in 2018

Here are the Top 18 Things to do in Grenada in 2018 (in no particular order we might add) 

Five Family Friendly things to do in Grenada

We know the Caribbean is viewed as a very sexy destination for the young and fabulous (or at least we like to think of ourselves and young, sexy and fabulous). With multigenerational travel [...]

Guest Blog Post: Rediscovering Scuba with Aquanauts Grenada

REDISCOVERING SCUBA DIVING – A HEALING JOURNEY by Grenada Soul Adventurer I  first discovered the all consuming bliss of floating under the sea, only hearing the sound of bubbles and [...]

What kind of Mas did you play? Spice Mas Photo Diary

Another Spicemas has come and gone and many of us can still hear the clank clank and toot toot of the rhythm section in our dreams. You may be back at the office or on the constructions sight or [...]

How to take that Vacation Relaxation Back Home

Don’t you just love how amazing you feel on vacation? Especially when you stay at a resort and all the little caring and special details just fall into place. At True Blue Bay Boutique [...]

This is My Treat

A conversation with repeat guest, Heidi Roberts, from the blog Kitchen Talk Heidi Roberts first came to stay with us during the 2nd annual Grenada Chocolate Fest as part of a UK Press Group that [...]

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