5 Love Languages Valentines Day Gift Guide

  Did you know that according to author  Gary Chapman there are 5 Love Languages with which people understand and communicate their love? Do you know your primary love language or love [...]

Our Very First Cocoa Chocolate Wedding

As the sun began its descend towards the horizon the shimmering reflection from the caribbean sea gave everything an air of magic. Indeed something magical was happening, Maria and Justin, a [...]

Christmas in Grenada

Pull off the gloves, hang up the coats and put away those boots! Christmas in Grenada is pleasantly warmer. Don’t expect snow covered roof tops, trees and sidewalks; the only thing coated [...]

D4: December, Dock Dock, Drink, Dress

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drX5xokfMxc] Wednesday Night Lime will never be the same for the month of December.  This will be the most fun and exciting time to hit dodgy dock!!!! [...]