Upgrade your stay in Grenada

Upgrade your stay in Grenada Stay in one of our newly renovated Indigo rooms We recently did some renovations on the Indigo standard rooms– these are some of the first rooms built here at [...]

5 Love Languages Valentines Day Gift Guide

  Did you know that according to author  Gary Chapman there are 5 Love Languages with which people understand and communicate their love? Do you know your primary love language or love [...]

Do it like a Grenadian: 5 Ways to Celebrate Grenada’s National Independence like a true Grenadian

Grenada gained national independence from Britain a mere 43 years ago on February 7th 1974. Like a typical Caribbean island we possess an extra ordinary amount of national pride. Leading up to [...]

17 Things to do in Grenada in 2017

In Grenada we pride ourselves on being a chillers paradise. Nothing is sweeter than relaxing on the beach, book in one hand and umbrella drink in the next. However, if you do want to move from [...]

Meet the True Blue Personalities: Marie Fielden

Twenty Four year old Marie is the eldest daughter of resort owners Magdalena and Russ Fielden. Marie recently became a mom to a jolly and cheeky baby girl Lila (you are likely to see her hanging [...]

Caribbean Vacation: Early Morning in Grenada

Fascinating experience to wake up in the Caribbean to the sound of the tropical pouring rain, while the wind whispers on your ears and the rain drops wash away the dawn from the leaves, you will [...]

Caribbean Vacation: Fire Sunset At True Blue Bay Boutique Resort Grenada

Vision the sunset laid across the water with clouds gently placed on top like if they were drawn to the most perfection symmetry. Accompanied  with an intense fire sunset kissing the clouds. The [...]

Life Springs forth After The Squall At True Blue Bay Resort

This week in Grenada we had rain like we had even seen in years.   The just kept falling and falling.  In a matter of hours we were driving through waters up to our head lights.  Its amazing to [...]

Our Bayview Pool – Paradise!!!

When I took this shot its now, looking back at it realize its more than just another shot. This one is special. I could not explain what I was feeling. It deep, after some days of thinking one [...]