Grenada’s Top 10 Most Relaxing Spots

Waterfalls, Beaches, Sulfur Springs  & Forest Bathing near Dormant Volcanoes  These are our picks for Grenada’s Top 10 Most Relaxing Spots  Waterfalls  Why are waterfalls part of out [...]

Cook Like a Local- Callaloo Chicken and Nutmeg Cream Sauce Recipe

Here at True Blue Bay Boutique Resort we love for our guests to get the complete Grenada experience. That includes a taste of our authentic local cuisine. And by local cuisine we mean what you [...]

Do it like a Grenadian: 5 Ways to Celebrate Grenada’s National Independence like a true Grenadian

Grenada gained national independence from Britain a mere 43 years ago on February 7th 1974. Like a typical Caribbean island we possess an extra ordinary amount of national pride. Leading up to [...]

17 Things to do in Grenada in 2017

In Grenada we pride ourselves on being a chillers paradise. Nothing is sweeter than relaxing on the beach, book in one hand and umbrella drink in the next. However, if you do want to move from [...]

True Blue Bay Boutique Resort Named One of the 3 Top Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Hotels

Hotel Owner and Marketing Director, Magdalena Fielden, accompanied by Website Manager Salisha Armstrong and Hotel Manager Mary Calliste attended  the CHIEF Conference from September 30 until [...]

Meet the True Blue Personalities: Marie Fielden

Twenty Four year old Marie is the eldest daughter of resort owners Magdalena and Russ Fielden. Marie recently became a mom to a jolly and cheeky baby girl Lila (you are likely to see her hanging [...]

Le Conch Spa, Newly Opened at True Blue Bay Resort & Villas

Several Grenadians may already be familiar with the professional services of Le Conch Health and Beauty Spa in Grand Anse. Having been on the island just over two years now, a reputation has been [...]

Caribbean Vacation: Early Morning in Grenada

Fascinating experience to wake up in the Caribbean to the sound of the tropical pouring rain, while the wind whispers on your ears and the rain drops wash away the dawn from the leaves, you will [...]

Caribbean Vacation: Fire Sunset At True Blue Bay Boutique Resort Grenada

Vision the sunset laid across the water with clouds gently placed on top like if they were drawn to the most perfection symmetry. Accompanied  with an intense fire sunset kissing the clouds. The [...]

Reasons Why You Need To Have a Vacation in Grenada, Caribbean: Beautiful Beaches

The idea of the Caribbean embraces a truly and beautiful harmonic blue sea. Yet Grenada has an exotic mix of picturesque colors and shapes that truly represents our breathtaking scenery. It is [...]

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