Top 10 Things to do in Grenada after COVID 19

10 Things to do in Grenada after COVID 19 – Part 1 Grenada declared a 21-day limited state of emergency  on account of the global spread of COVID 19. Here in Grenada  we find ourselves at [...]

Cook Like a Local- Callaloo Chicken and Nutmeg Cream Sauce Recipe

Here at True Blue Bay Boutique Resort we love for our guests to get the complete Grenada experience. That includes a taste of our authentic local cuisine. And by local cuisine we mean what you [...]

What kind of Mas did you play? Spice Mas Photo Diary

Another Spicemas has come and gone and many of us can still hear the clank clank and toot toot of the rhythm section in our dreams. You may be back at the office or on the constructions sight or [...]

Do it like a Grenadian: 5 Ways to Celebrate Easter

We return with a new  “Do it like a Grenadian” blog post. Easter is celebrated all around our fascinating globe in different ways. In Grenada this time of year does not revolve around easter [...]

5 Love Languages Valentines Day Gift Guide

  Did you know that according to author  Gary Chapman there are 5 Love Languages with which people understand and communicate their love? Do you know your primary love language or love [...]

17 Things to do in Grenada in 2017

In Grenada we pride ourselves on being a chillers paradise. Nothing is sweeter than relaxing on the beach, book in one hand and umbrella drink in the next. However, if you do want to move from [...]

5 Grenadian Christmas Traditions

Every country and culture that celebrates Christmas has its own unique traditions. Most of our fondest Christmas memories are from childhood, before the  pressure of making Christmas happen with; [...]

Meet the True Blue Personalities: Marie Fielden

Twenty Four year old Marie is the eldest daughter of resort owners Magdalena and Russ Fielden. Marie recently became a mom to a jolly and cheeky baby girl Lila (you are likely to see her hanging [...]

Reasons Why You Need To Have a Vacation in Grenada, Caribbean: Beautiful Beaches

The idea of the Caribbean embraces a truly and beautiful harmonic blue sea. Yet Grenada has an exotic mix of picturesque colors and shapes that truly represents our breathtaking scenery. It is [...]

Cooking Session: Cream of Christophine Soup with Ripe Plantain in Orange Ginger Juice

Click here of pics Cooking, oh lovely cooking.  Thats the first thing that came to my mind when just about to write this blog then my taste bug start tingling.  So far our cooking sessions are [...]