Dear friends and family of True Blue Bay Boutique Resort

Dear friends and family of True Blue Bay Boutique Resort:

Hello from the beautiful and breezy Grenada. Hope you are all well at home, keeping safe and in good spirit. We thought we would send you a little update about how things are here at the hotel and the Island of spice and chocolate.

We are all well and enjoying the cool breeze and trade winds, the little bit of island we get to see in front of our verandas is as beautiful as ever, the Caribbean Sea has being glimmering all the time and as there is no boat movement, the water is crystal clear. At the water edge by

Dodgy Dock Restaurant, we can see large fish, eels, turtles, and crabs swimming along. The bird population has taken over all the trees and we are even getting to recognize some of them as our neighbours. The iguanas are getting very confident and are frequenting the restaurant and bar, looking for people. We have seen parrots, hawks, possums, mongoose, and manacoos, to name a few of the wildlife we don’t usually see wandering the Resort.

The vegetation also is looking fabulous, we had a few sprinkles of rain, so there are flowers everywhere, but we have also planted numerous vegetables, fruits and herbs apart from the ones we already had, and I have to let you know that the pineapples and watermelons are almost ready to pick up. Also, the mango and avocado season is about to start!

The local farmers are delivering to our house and hotel boxes filled with wonderful organic fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh eggs, free-range chicken and homemade banana chips to name a few. We are truly blessed and very grateful to live in Grenada and have access to all this healthy fresh produce directly from the farms. A few of our employees are living here at the hotel as we are still under lockdown, but we all can go shopping for food, meds, and a few other essentials a couple of times a week.

Our Minister of Health and front line workers have been, like everywhere else, true heroes doing an exceptional job at keeping us all safe. We did have a chance to recognize them last week by a noise-making event organized by our Grenada Tourism Authority. Russ, my husband, on behalf of the hotel, donated fireworks for the event so it was a little bit extra special.The rest of our employees are all well, staying safe at home looking after their families but all anxious to come back to work and resume life.

Grenada’s borders are still closed, up to date we have 20 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 14 have recovered, thankfully no one has been critically ill. There has been island-wide testing just recently and looks like so far things are under control. We are waiting for our government to let us know what the reopening of the island procedure would be and we will make sure to let you know.

In the meantime, we are re-enforcing and implementing our health and safety procedures and figuring out how we can keep you safe and happy on your return. You can look for updates on our website We are also looking at creative ways to improve our services and hotel facilities on a very small budget, which is very challenging, but all this is helping us to become more creative, inventive, resilient and even more sustainable!

We have also kept very active on our social media, trying to entertain you a bit but also keeping you informed of our adventures under-lockdown. So please make sure to check out our posts now and then and help us with feedback by answering our questions in the hope that in the near future we can welcome you back to a much improved True Blue Bay Boutique Resort.

We are very happy that all our sustainable efforts like saving energy, collecting rainwater and looking after our environment are in place, as you can imagine it is helping us save money at this very critical time.

If you would like more information on how any of our employees are doing or would like to help any of them, please contact me directly at [email protected]. We are trying our best to keep as many of them employed. The Grenada Government has promised help but also has not put into place anything concreted just yet.

Also if you are planning to come back to Grenada sometime in the near future, we are looking for ways to offer you extra value if you book directly. Please also contact me for more details.

We would love to hear from you and your adventures under lockdown. Sending you much love and thanking you for taking the time to read our news.

Yours truly

Russ, Marie, Renatta, Lila and me Magdalena, the Fielden Family