Time is an illusion…how to chill in quarantine at True Blue Bay Resort

I arrived in the middle of the night exhausted by the stresses and strains of a very long flight. A bit turned upside down by the change of temperature, time zone and place, I was still in a hurry to get on with my life. 

After the airport, I found myself quickly and safely transported to the calm and relaxing atmosphere of my room at True Blue Bay Resort with any worries and COVID-related anxieties falling away. Sinking into the luxury of the huge comfortable bed and cool linen, I was thrilled with my decision to come to True Blue Bay for the mandatory quarantine on the island.   

Enjoying the breeze from my balcony with its views of yachts and bay with its islands and endlessly shimmering sea, I realized time is an illusion. I was stuck in paradise, I could wish my days away until the quarantine time was over or I could simply relax and chill. The days fly by so quickly you don’t want it to end. 

Reassuringly, the hotel team has clear COVID protocols. It does delicious room service and drinks from the Dodgy Dock restaurant with fresh local produce and juices, plus there is an on-site bakery where you can order gorgeous warm fresh bread, mouth-watering cakes, plus ice-cream (OMG the flavours are heavenly). There’s a boutique too and the hotel can supply items like sun cream, mosquito spray, hand sanitiser, sunglasses etc and charge them to your room. There are facilities to make a little coffee or tea in your room with a handy little kitchen with fridge and kettle. 

The hotel will help arrange things you might urgently need and get them charged and delivered to your room. It’s also possible if you have friends and family on the island that they can drop off your favourite local fruit, or yoga mat, for example, at the hotel reception they’ll arrange for it to be delivered to your room if you ask in advance. You never feel alone as the kind and friendly staff are contactable at all times to help or advise you if you have any questions or need help with anything. WiFi and TV also help connect you up if you want to chat with friends or catch-up with the news. I’d definitely recommend a little daily exercise with a bit of yoga or a few press-ups on your balcony or whatever you can manage, to help you to keep fit and healthy  during your stay.

Every day is a little different, even when sometimes they all feel the same. Those Zoom meetings online that you’ve organised to keep yourself in touch with work and friends suddenly seem less important as the relaxed haven of your room and the breath-taking views of tropical gardens and sea and sunsets takeover and you let go of the pressures of the outside world. 

The Grenada public health team contact you after a few days and it’s a simple and quick process to have the COVID test onsite and you get your results back in a few days. Then hopefully you are ready to emerge from your beautiful apartment and take on the world. I’d highly recommend True Blue Bay for your quarantine stay.


Stay safe and well!
Pauline Scott-Garrett