Our Green Efforts

Because we only have one planet Earth

True Blue is PURE Grenada Green! Being a small island, Grenada has few resources for recycling facilities. In spite of this, you’d be surprised how green we can be. Some things you will notice during your visit such as no straws in the bar, except upon your request. Besides being excess waste, straws often end up on the ground or in the sea where they are ingested by wildlife which is dangerous if not fatal to their health. Other things you may not notice; for example, local farmers collect food waste from our restaurant early each morning to recycle as pig food.

Exactly how many ways have we found to make True Blue PURE Green? Please see the growing list below.

  • Solar water heaters are installed in all the rooms and restaurant kitchens
  • Paper bags are used in the boutique
  • Paper take-away boxes and bags are used in the restaurant
  • Paper cups are used in bar for take away drinks
  • Recycled waste water is used to irrigate gardens
  • Rain water is collected and stored for the dry season
  • All restaurant vegetable and biodegradable waste is used for our compost to fertilize our gardens
  • Non vegetable food waste is given to local farmers to use for pig food
  • Environmentally friendly, biodegradable detergents are used in our laundry and kitchens
  • No chlorine is used on the property (all pools are treated with saltwater
  • Hotel bathroom amenities are available in all rooms in refillable containers to avoid using small plastic disposable containers
  • Energy saving A/C units installed in all rooms
  • Low energy bulbs and fans are installed throughout the resort and rooms
  • Electric golf cart used to transfer luggage and guests
  • Recycling paper in offices – office paper is shredded or used for notepads.
  • Advertising and marketing is done by electronic means whenever possible limiting paper waste
  • Growing on site some of our own vegetables and herbs
  • Signs encouraging saving energy and water in all rooms
  • Owner Magdalena manager at True Blue Bay Boutique Resort sponsors the Facebook page “Grenada Friends of Whales and Nature” to promote environmental issues with the local community
  • Bedding is changed every three days for in-house guests unless otherwise requested
  • Guests are encouraged to use their bathroom towels and wash cloths multiple times before having them changed by hanging them up to reuse or putting them on the shower floor to have them replaced
  • Aluminum cans, tetrapak, cardboard and plastic (pete 1 & 2) are separated and taken to the Grenada recycling facility
  • Regular beach clean ups are organized for staff and guest participation on various beaches around the island
  • Earth Day and Hour celebrations are held annually
  • Harmful chemicals are not used by housekeeping staff to clean rooms or public areas
  • Coconut water is served in coconuts at breakfast as nature provided
  • Reusable garbage bags are used by housekeeping
  • No plastic liners are used in bins
  • Solar panels provide 8% of electricity needs (Tree Tops & Spa)
  • Fresh foods are purchased locally
  • Styrofoam containers are not purchased, pete 1 containers are used instead
  • Upcycled items are used in decor on the property
  • All rooms are insulated to keep the room cool
  • No transformers are used
  • There is a recycling collection station on the property
  • There is a ‘Green Team’ group comprised of at least one member of staff from each department

How you can help!

We appreciate your participation in our green efforts as much as possible. So, please limit bathing time to conserve water and turn off the TV, lights and A/C when leaving your room to save electricity. Participate in our laundry saving program by reusing your towels and only putting them on the shower floor when clean ones are needed. Please do not use sunscreen with aloe as these stain our lovely white bath towels with permanent spots. This causes perfectly good towels to look dirty even when they are clean and therefore unusable to future guests.

Though we sell bottled water in our restaurant, please drink tap water rather than purchasing it. Grenada water is pure as can be; the water at the hotel has been tested and found to be more pure than water sold in plastic bottles. We also welcome you to join in our Earth Hour and Earth Day celebrations and regular beach clean ups when they occur during your stay. We thank you for your efforts as each one counts toward a Greener Grenada and a Greener Earth!