Our Green Efforts and Sustainability

Because we care about our planet!

Being a small island, Grenada has few resources for recycling. In spite of this, we try to take care of our environment as best as possible and are always looking for ways to improve especially at the moment when the new Covid-19 protocols ask us to dispose of many single-use items. Slowly we are navigating our way through and finding sustainable and environmental solutions to use effective eco-friendly disinfectants and other sanitizing products and methods approved internationally.

One of the things you will notice during your visit is that our staff wear locally-made reusable masks that we wash and disinfect at the Resort as well as their aprons and uniforms. We have trained our staff to constantly wash their hands so we don’t have to use plastic gloves. We have an electric bus charged with PV solar panels to transport our guests and staff. Our organic food waste either goes to our onsite compost or to local pig farmers. All our garden waste is composted and the material used to fertilise the hotel grounds. We have a small plantation of banana trees, fruits and veggies that love the composted material (soon this garden will be accessible to our guests to visit or to work alongside our gardener).

Please be assured that we will continue with our philosophy of taking care of the environment using eco-friendly products throughout the pandemic. Environmental sustainability continues to be at the heart of our operations.

True Blue’s growing green list.

  • Solar water heaters are installed in all the rooms and restaurant kitchens
  • Solar panels provide 30% of electricity needs (concentrated on Tree Tops, Cocoa Pods and Spa)
  • Energy-saving air-conditioning units installed in all rooms
  • Low energy bulbs and fans are installed throughout the resort and rooms
  • 110v transformers are used only in exceptional circumstances
  • All rooms are insulated to reduce heat ingress
  • Up-cycled items are used in decor on the property
  • Electric golf carts used to transfer luggage and guests
  • Recycled wastewater is used to irrigate the gardens
  • Rainwater is collected and stored for the dry season
  • Environmentally friendly, biodegradable detergents are used in our laundry and kitchens
  • Harmful chemicals are not used by housekeeping staff to clean rooms or the public areas
  • Reusable linen bags are used by housekeeping
  • No plastic liners are used in bins
  • No chlorine is used on the property (all pools are treated with saltwater)
  • Hotel bathroom amenities are available in all rooms in refillable containers to avoid using small plastic disposable containers and disinfected as per our Covid-19 protocols
  • Signs encouraging saving energy and water in all rooms
  • Bedding is changed every three days for in-house guests unless otherwise requested
  • Guests are encouraged to use their bathroom towels and washcloths multiple times before having them changed
  • Fresh foods are purchased locally
  • Some of our vegetables and herbs are grown on-site
  • Coconut water is served in coconuts at breakfast as nature provided
  • All restaurant vegetable and biodegradable waste is used for compost to fertilize our gardens
  • Non-vegetable food waste is given to local farmers to use for pig food
  • A Biogas generator that uses garden and restaurant waste to produce methane to fuel our bakery is planned shortly
  • Recycling collection station on the property
  • Wine bottles are made into water glasses for the restaurant
  • Aluminium cans are recycled at the local Grenada recycling facility
  • Styrofoam was banned from True Blue many years ago!
  • Paper takeaway boxes and bags are used in the restaurant
  • Paper bags are used in the boutique
  • Recycling paper in offices – office paper is shredded or used for notepads
  • Advertising and marketing is done by electronic means whenever possible limiting paper waste
  • Regular beach clean-ups are organized by the staff with guest participation on various beaches around the island
  • Earth Day and Hour celebrations are held annually
  • Owner Magdalena and daughter, Renatta, sponsor the Facebook page “Grenada Friends of Whales and Nature” to promote environmental issues with the local community
  • There is a ‘Green Team’ staff group with at least one member of staff from each department
  • Founded the beach clean up campaign Green Up Grenada in 2019 with Instagram influencers 'The Dharma Trails'.
  • Attend Climate Strikes

Here are some things we are doing differently to deal with COVID-19 protocols as a sustainable resort:

  • We use eco-friendly disinfectants such as vinegar and locally produced alcohol-based disinfectants instead of harsh chemicals. Both Westerhall Rum and Clark's Court (local rum distilleries) are making their own sanitizers and cleaning products that have been approved by the government.
  • We have organized reusable masks for all of our staff that will be washed and disinfected on-site every day. As well as their aprons and uniforms.
  • We are not using plastic gloves as this has not been recommended by the WHO for everyday use. We are strongly instilling the habit to our staff to wash their hands constantly as it is more effective and safer than wearing gloves.
  • We have set up zero contact hand washing in all the public bathrooms and kitchens using a foot pedal method and this will also be implemented soon for toilet flushing.
  • We are changing garbage bins in all rooms with lids and metal liners that can be easily removed in order to continue not using plastic liners.
  • Our housekeepers have cloth linen bags for each room that get washed and disinfected with the room's linens.
  • We are keeping our zero single use plastic and Styrofoam policy in place on the property. We are only going to use acrylic prospects when necessary (so far only for our new set up for street food night). We have created marked boundaries for social distancing throughout the resort and restaurant to keep guests 6 feet apart at all times. We have done this in the form of turtle markings on the floor as well as designated seating spaces in the restaurant.
  • We continue to have our no chlorine policy in the resort as the saltwater treatment for the pools kills the germs just as effectively, and the laundry will continue to use non-chlorine eco-friendly detergents.
  • Deliveries are still only accepted if they come in reusable crates or boxes and items are then disinfected with eco-friendly products by our own staff.
  • The in-room amenities will remain the same refillable containers that will be thoroughly disinfected between each use. These containers are also locked so they cannot be opened by guests, they can only use them via the pump dispenser.
  • The boutique sells reusable masks, bags, and bottles to encourage people to not buy single-use items. We also still have our contact-less water dispensers at the resort available for everyone's use.
We can make a difference

How you can help!

We appreciate your participation in our green efforts. Please limit bathing time to conserve water, when leaving the room please turn off the TV, lights and A/C to save electricity and participate in our laundry saving programme by reusing towels and only putting them on the shower floor when clean ones are needed. Please do not use a sunscreen with aloe as these stain our lovely white bath towels with permanent spots.

Please drink tap water (it’s free) rather than purchasing it or use our water refill stations in various locations around the property. Grenada water is pure as can be; the water at the hotel has been tested and found to be purer than water sold in plastic bottles. We also welcome you to join in our Earth Hour and Earth Day celebrations and regular beach clean-ups when they occur during your stay. We thank you for your efforts as each one counts toward a Greener Grenada and a Greener Earth!