True Blue Bay Boutique Resort Guidelines After COVID-19

The Island of Grenada, fortunately, has had very few infections;  up to date a total of 22 persons of which  17 have recovered and we have had no fatalities. We are still under curfew, from 7 pm to 5 am, a limited number of businesses are open every day and we can go out to exercise and to the beach in the mornings until 11 am. Food supplies are good, especially locally grown fruits and vegetables and fresh fish. The island is hopefully going to open regionally in June and if all goes as planned to all other countries in July.

True Blue Bay Boutique Resort Guidelines After COVID-19

At True Blue Bay Boutique Resort we realise that we have to change and adapt to the new way of life. We need to ensure that you feel welcome, secure and safe at our Resort so that you really enjoy your stay with us. It definitely won’t be business as usual! So we have to set new guidelines for many of our usual operating procedures and most importantly we are and would be constantly training and updating our staff to follow these guidelines. This is a whole new world for us and for you where we are constantly learning and adapting to the new future of the tourism and hospitality sector.

For now, we would like to keep you informed on some of the new operating procedures and guidelines we are and will be following and implementing on top of the international standards we already follow. This will be a live document where updates will be constantly made and implemented, so please keep checking for updates.

True Blue Bay Boutique Resort has not been closed as we have been housing some of the engineers from our local electricity company, a few doctors and nurses and a couple of long term guests. We have been learning with them how we can follow the guidelines enforced by the Government of Grenada, the World Health Organization, the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association and the Caribbean Tourism Organization. If you have any further recommendations or feel we missed anything, your suggestions and comments are very welcome. Email to [email protected].

Please be assured that as soon as Grenada opens for business we will be ready to welcome you to a safe and healthy environment at True Blue Bay Boutique Resort.


New guidelines:

⇨ Implemented already
⇧ Implementation In-progress
⇩ To be implemented when Grenada opens its borders


  • ⇧ To have a nurse and doctor on call or at the resort
  • ⇧ Designate a dedicated quarantine room to be used in case of suspected infection
  • ⇧ Flexible re-booking and cancellation policies
  • ⇧ Strict sanitary procedures for suppliers entering the hotel


  • ⇧ Assigned a Health and Safety Officer for the Resort
  • ⇧ Update and Increase “Health and Safety Training” of all front-line and general staff
  • ⇧ Strict record-keeping of all health and safety procedures
  • ⇩ Staff – daily temperature screening
  • ⇧ Staff – uniform laundry to be undertaken by the hotel
  • ⇧ All staff to shower and change from uniform before arriving and departing the hotel
  • ⇧ Encourage staff to eat nutritious healthy meals to encourage a good immune system


  • ⇧ Implementing a 24-hour room turnaround between bookings, so we have enough time to thoroughly disinfect all furniture, appliances, doors windows and handles and air the room.
  • ⇧ Clean and disinfect air conditioning filters every time new guests occupy the room.
  • ⇧ All rooms would be equipped with hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray for our guests  to use
  • ⇨ Housekeeping staff will clean the room daily and fulfil any other reasonable request you may have
  • ⇨ Linens would change every three days or more frequently upon request
  • ⇧ We will place new informational health and safety tips in guest rooms, on TV, and areas where guests congregate


Public Areas

Front Desk

  • ⇨ Six feet distancing at check-in and customer service desks and Restaurant Entrance.
  • ⇨ Constantly clean and disinfect desk, seating, and furnishings at reception and guests services
  • ⇨ Available public hand sanitizer stations for guests
  • ⇨ Available purified water dispenser strategically placed around the resort.
  • ⇧ We will give you a personalized water bottle on check-in for you to use to replenish at our water points around the hotel.
  • ⇩ Sanitize luggage on arrival before taking to the room

Public Toilets

  • ⇨ More frequent cleaning and disinfecting schedule
  • ⇧ Implement sanitizing station for users
  • ⇧ Offer both hand air dryers and paper towels.

Other Public Areas

  • ⇨ Increase cleaning and disinfecting frequency of pools, pool furniture, and pool areas
  • ⇩ Arrange pool furniture keeping social distancing
  • ⇩ Kids Playgrounds – increase cleaning and disinfecting schedule and implement sanitizing station for users
  • ⇩ Water Sports cleaning and disinfecting equipment after each use
  • ⇨ Gym increase cleaning and disinfecting schedule and implement sanitizing station for users
  • ⇩ Yoga Studio cleaning and disinfecting equipment after each class and implementing sanitizing stations for users. Have a maximum number of attendees per class and mark social distancing on the floor
  • ⇧ Have masks, disinfectants and other cleaning supplies available at the boutique for guests

Blue Heaven Spa

  • ⇩ Practice social distancing with attending customers (one customer at the time for each station)
  • ⇩ Increase sanitary procedures and frequency to already established  international standards
  • ⇩ Place extra care when sanitizing and disinfecting each working station after treatments
  • ⇩ Staff to wear sanitize uniforms and masks for each treatment

Restaurant and Bar

  • ⇧ Increase health safety training of food and beverage prep and service personnel
  • ⇧ Set up the restaurant and bar seating keeping social distancing of approximately 4 persons for 10 square meters.
  • ⇩ Restaurant reservations to be space according to the number of dinners and social distancing
  • ⇧ Disinfecting station for customers and staff set at the entrance of the restaurant
  • ⇧ Buffet stations and drink service to be served and handled by authorized staff only
  • ⇧ Increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting equipment and furniture
  • ⇧ Place extra care when washing and disinfecting dishes, silverware, and glassware, including items that have not been used.
  • ⇧ Extra care would be taken when washing and drying tablecloths, mats, and napkins
  • ⇩ Cutlery and other dining elements on tables to be protected from the elements