2021 Update on True Blue Bay Boutique Resort, Grenada

Hello everyone, I hope 2021 is treating you well so far and that you and your loved ones are in good health and the Covid-19 situation is improving in your area.

In Grenada, even with the hard times, we are still in good spirits and keeping things under control. We definitely are one of the few countries that has managed to keep the infection numbers down, thanks to the Grenada Ministry of Health. For updates you can visit: https://covid19.gov.gd/ 

At True Blue Bay Boutique Resort we have been welcoming “new to the island” guests to our dedicated quarantine hotel area and homestay vacationers to the rest of the hotel. We have been very fortunate to be able to keep open with the dedication and help of our wonderful management and staff.  We’ve been carefully following protocols and managing to adapt very quickly to new ones, enabling us to keep our guests and our team all safe and continuing to conduct our day to day operations. Check our quarantine page:


Russ has managed some remarkable budgeting so we can keep paying our employees as well as maintain and upgrade some key areas of the hotel to be ready for you when you return to visit us.

Some of our staff have learned new skills and are helping around the resort in different ways in order to keep our enterprise going!

We have completed the renovation of our Dodgy Dock restaurant’s kitchen; the fabulous new space provides our chefs and cooks with inspiration to create some exciting new dishes as well as being more efficient. We are also enhancing the restaurant and bar with new lounge areas, new roof, new lighting and refreshing the plants and gardens. 


The Waterfront Suites have been refurbished and redecorated, giving them a fresh new look from which to take advantage of the fabulous views of True Blue Bay. The Villas, too, are being redecorated and are looking superb. We have a couple of long-term family guests taking advantage of working abroad at the moment and they are thoroughly enjoying their stay at our family friendly villas.


The  Balcony Concert Series, which takes place every other weekend, continues to be incredibly popular, receiving an award from the Grenada Tourism Authority for creativity during the pandemic.






Our latest innovation “Cultural Culinary Interactive Experiences’ is an evening event where small groups of participants learn, taste and interact with foods and drinks from different parts of the world. We were very excited to start the first series with Authentic Mexican Food and we are now looking into exploring spices, chocolate, Caribbean and Grenadian food and other fun food themes, we will keep you posted and hopefully you will get the chance to experience them at your return.











When it comes to keeping up our environmental and sustainability:  

We are negotiating with an electric car rental company to have their vehicles available at the resort, they also working on placing charging stationed around the island.

Our House of Chocolate Bakery has now an innovative Biogas system which recycles a lot of our restaurant and garden waste and transforms it into cooking gas for baking. We are very excited at this new addition to our sustainability efforts.

Regarding Covid-19, Grenada has already started the vaccination process, and in addition to the medical front line workers, they have decided to make hotel workers a priority, too, and we are happy to announce that 85% of our staff have already taken the vaccine and hope by the end of March, it will be 100%. Click the link the watch the tiktok video

For  Valentine’s Day we held a small crafts bazaar at Dodgy Dock, and we were all so happy to be able to get together and support our community of talented craftspeople and artists.

The weather has been glorious and cool, with sunshine and a refreshing gentle breeze with amazing views of the sea and mountains and we can’t wait to share our beautiful Grenada with you all.

Do let us know how life is treating you and don’t hesitate to ask us about Grenada, the hotel and our staff. You can follow us on social media for daily updates.


We look forward to welcoming you back sometime soon!