Sustainability and benefiting the local community are at the forefront of their mind with anything that Magdalena Fielden and her daughters, Marie and Renatta do at True Blue Bay Resort and in the wider community.

Magdalena says: “I use my training as an architect to design the look of True Blue Bay.  When we created our Cocoa Pod Climate Smart rooms, it was very important to us that they would be as sustainable as possible.  So, we incorporated rainwater harvesting, solar panels, and extra insolation into the design.  For the interiors, I chose ethically sourced wood furniture and décor as well as energy-efficient appliances even though they came at a higher cost than other materials. We also sourced water-efficient appliances for the kitchenettes and bathrooms. Throughout the resort, we ensured that there were no single-use plastics and we bought as many reusable or recyclable products as possible.

 “We are all also passionate about helping the wider community in Grenada so we try to buy as many local ingredients as possible for the restaurant.  We even invite local food vendors to come and sell their dishes at a weekly Street Food night.  We hold regular craft markets so local craftspeople can showcase their talents and hopefully be encouraged to continue their work and contribution to Grenada culture.

“In 2013 I established the Grenada Chocolate Festival to enable people to come and see the amazing tree-to-bar journey of cocoa.  This has become an island-wide event with visits to organic cocoa plantations, local chocolate factories, and other cocoa activities that encourage value added for the farmers.  As the event has grown, so has the number of local chocolate producers and we also now have many thriving beauty businesses that incorporate local cocoa butter into their products.

“In 2015, I also set up the House of Chocolate - part Museum, part café, and part boutique – where visitors to the capital, St Georges, can learn about the story of cocoa in Grenada, try locally made chocolate goodies, and buy local products.”

Magdalena is also Chairwoman of the Grenada Community Library and the Honourary Consul of Mexico for Grenada.

Marie, the eldest daughter and the previous General Manager (currently on maternity leave with her 2nd baby girl) says this

"As someone with a background in psychology, I've always believed that the key to ensuring our guests' satisfaction lies in the happiness and well-being of our staff. At our resort, my focus is on creating an environment where our team feels valued, supported, and motivated to excel.

We go above and beyond industry standards by providing competitive wages, staff meals, transportation, and educational opportunities. We also offer extended paid maternity and paternity leave, surpassing the government's requirements. But it doesn't stop there.

We organize team-building events like cricket matches and interdepartmental competitions, fostering a sense of camaraderie and unity. Additionally, we've implemented a savings and loan program to support our staff's financial stability and assist with healthcare needs.

For me, it's not just about running a successful business—it's about nurturing a community where everyone feels empowered to thrive. When our team is financially, mentally, and physically fulfilled, they bring their best selves to work every day, ensuring our guests have an unforgettable experience."

Marie and Renatta Fielden have spearheaded the resort’s sustainability efforts which culminated in True Blue Bay winning in the Environmental Sustainability category of the Caribbean Hotel Industry Exchange Forum (CHIEF) at the end of 2023.  And it was Renatta’s campaigning on the damaging effects of Styrofoam on the environment that led to the Grenadian government banning it.Top of Form

Renatta Fielden who studied Environmental Policy as a Masters’s degree says: “Like our mom and dad, my sister and I are committed to sustainability both at True Blue Bay and around the island.

“We’ve partnered with the KTH Royal Institute of Technology University in Sweden to install a biogas digester and use this to do research on the sargassum influx and how these can be fed into the digester as a potential disposal method. This digester harnesses the power of the sun and food waste from the resort to create gas for use in our on-site bakery and fertilizer for our gardens. In the last year, as have also had the opportunity to apply for grants from the Green Climate-funded project, namely G-Crews, to help replace our older and less water-efficient toilets around the hotel with very water-efficient ones, this will help us save an estimated half a million litres of water per year. We were also recipients of a pilot project with the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) for six solar-powered AC units. In the last 4 years, one of our biggest accomplishments was replacing all of our gas-engine cars with EVs. We now have a fleet of 5 electric vehicles which we use for staff transport, guest transfers, and hotel errands.

“Our parents chose Grenada as our home and we want to preserve our home. So we have started a ‘Green Team’ at the resort with our staff where we have regularly run beach clean-ups around the island with many of our staff joining, we visit local schools to educate on sustainable practices they can do at home, we host educational workshops and movies nights as well as plan sustainability based competitions such as an upcycling Christmas ornament competition. 

"As my sister and I reflect on our journey, we feel incredibly fortunate that our parents chose Grenada as our forever home. It's a place of natural beauty and warm hospitality, and we're committed to preserving its charm for generations to come. Beyond running a sustainable and ethical resort, we're dedicated to minimizing our impact on this beautiful island. Through beach clean-ups, environmental initiatives, and educational programs, we aim to build Grenada stronger, ensuring that our business practices reflect our love and respect for our island home.

Presently TBBBR has in the management team 11-woman managers out of 14 total managers.