Chocolate Lovers & Curious Newcomers Alike

Grenada Chocolate Fest

The festival is a chocolate adventure of a lifetime in “THE” chocolate island of the Caribbean, Grenada. Celebrate Grenada’s natural resources, fertile environment and sustainable chocolate-making culture, and learn about the story of Grenada’s chocolate while exploring the island’s rich history. You visit organic cocoa plantations nestled high in the lush verdant Caribbean rainforest, dance the cocoa, make your own chocolate and indulge in delicious chocolate-inspired cuisine and Grenada’s cocoa-infused island life!

Established in 2014, this annual festival takes place in May. Owner Magdalena Fielden started the event as a tourist attraction and to promote Grenada’s chocolate Industry. Its popularity has made it a wonderful platform for some cocoa plantations to start producing their very own tree-to-bar chocolate, helping to support local communities and their farmers. Currently, Grenada has 5 different chocolate factories producing premium chocolate and the festival has inspired a whole new generation of cocoa and chocolate craft artisans as well as raising the profile of the wonderful award-winning Grenadian cocoa and chocolate worldwide. To learn more visit the Grenada Chocolate Fest website at