True Blue Bay Boutique Resort

Our Community Activities

Supporting and working with the Grenadian community is a very important part of True Blue Bay Boutique Resort’s ethos. Generous donations and support from our guests have made a huge difference and contributed substantially to the island’s schools, library and local economy.

The hotel has recently been honoured with both the “Environmental Excellence in Tourism” and “Corporate Social Responsibility” awards from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for its contributions to Grenada. In 2018, it was one of 3 finalists (for the second time) for the Caribbean Hotel and Industry Exchange Forum for Environmental Sustainability Best Practices.


Community Activities

Pack for a purpose

We are proud members of “Pack for a Purpose”, an initiative that encourages travellers to make a lasting impact for the community at their travel destination. If you have some space in your luggage you can bring supplies for local schools or medical clinics and contribute to the lives of local children and families. Please click here to see what supplies are needed.

Vendome School Project

The Vendome School project began when owner Russ Fielden began teaching hospitality courses at the school once a week. He realized the school was in desperate need of renovation after the damage by Hurricane Ivan in 2004. The school consisted of one single room with no ventilation for six grades of 100 children. Thanks to the efforts of the True Blue Bay Boutique Resort and donations from guests and local businesses EC$250,000 (US$93,000) was raised and the school was finished for the 2013/2014 school year. The pupils, now happy in their new school building, also needed a library so True Blue Bay has been raising additional funds to create a library and buy the first set of books from Hands Across the Sea. Funds continue to be raised for further books, 10 computers and playground equipment and EC$64,000 (US$24,000) is needed to complete the project.

If you are interested in supporting any of the above projects, please contact True Blue Bay Boutique Resort. We do not collect any fees and 100% of donated funds go to the Vendome School and Library Project.

Vendome Library Project

The children, happy in their new school, now needed a proper library so the True Blue Team got to work raising more funds. Adding an annual Vendome Charity Auction at the Grenada Chocolate Fest in May to the efforts, enough funds have been raised to open the library and buy the first set of books from Hands Across the Sea.

Funds continue to be raised for a second and third set of books, 10 computers and playground equipment. Around EC$64,000 (US$24,000) is needed to complete the project.

If you are interested in supporting any of the above projects, please contact us True Blue does not collect any fees; 100% of donated funds go to the Vendome School & Library Project.

Grenada Chocolate Fest

Established in 2014, this annual festival takes place in May/June.  Hotel owner, Magdalena started the event as a tourist attraction and to promote Grenadian chocolate.  Its popularity has made it a wonderful platform for some new cocoa plantations to start producing their very own tree to bar chocolate, helping to add value to local cocoa communities and their farmers.  Currently, Grenada has 6 different cocoa plantations producing premium chocolate and the festival has inspired a whole new generation of cocoa and chocolate craft artisans. as well as raising the profile of the wonderful award-winning Grenadian cocoa and chocolate worldwide.

House of Chocolate

After the success and interest of the Grenada Chocolate Fest, Magdalena realized that Grenada needed a space to showcase and educate everyone about ethical chocolate and the complex processes that go into creating it. Opening in 2016, the House of Chocolate has become a “must-see” place in Grenada, promoting all things connected to cocoa and chocolate produce in Grenada, raising the profile of the chocolatiers and cocoa artisans.  You can enjoy the museum and cocoa-inspired café as well as purchase a wide range of Grenadian chocolate products.


Each year physicians from the Children’s Health Organization Relief and Educational Services (CHORES) donate their time and expertise to improve children’s health care in Grenada. True Blue Bay Boutique Resort is proud to support their work by providing them with complimentary accommodation during their annual visits.

CHORES is a not-for-profit, non-sectarian children’s health organization based in Jacksonville, Florida, US.

Queen Elizabeth’s home for Children

Queen Elizabeth’s Home is a charity that provides a home for orphaned and abused children in Grenada. A Christmas party is hosted every year at True Blue Bay Boutique Resort for the home’s staff and children on Boxing Day. The children spend the day at True Blue Bay Boutique Resort playing and swimming followed by lunch with each child receiving their own Christmas present. True Blue staff and guests join in to make this a very special day for the children.

Grenada Community Library

The Grenada National Library was seriously damaged by Hurricane Ivan in 2004, and as a consequence, it closed. In 2013, Caribbean writer, Oonya Kempadoo, opened a community library to provide young people with books, a homework club and adult literacy courses. Subsequently moving to a new dedicated building, Grenada Chocolate Fest and True Blue Bay Boutique Resort have been helping the Community Library to raise funds as well as lots of support in kind. More than 3000 children now enjoy the benefits of this wonderful not-for-profit organization. New books, especially for teens, and monetary donations are always welcome, please visit to donate or for more information.

Local Crafts’ and Arts’ Bazaars

True Blue Bay Boutique Resort hosts two annual craft fairs per year, the Christmas and Easter Bazaars to support local artisans. Up to 40 crafters display and sell their handmade works to tourists and the Grenadian community alike. Artisans are also invited to sell their goods on busy nights in the restaurant.

Wednesdays Street Food

Visitors to True Blue Bay Boutique Resort can sample Grenada street cuisine at its fun and colourful Street Food Night at Dodgy Dock restaurant every Wednesday.  Local food chefs and vendors offer their delicious culinary creations to tourists and Grenadians alike at this incredibly popular event (always reserve a table in advance) which benefits local food-related businesses as well as raising the profile of local culture and cuisine.