Non- Biodegradable Waste Control Act

Non- Biodegradable Waste Control Act is having a positive effect in Pure Grenada True Blue Green News: Earth Hour Community Cleanup Our Green Team organised a community clean-up on Saturday, [...]

5 Ways to make your business climate-smart

5 Ways to make your business climate-smart Eco- Features Series -No. 1 – Energy In honour of the upcoming Earth Hour celebrations (March 30th, 2019 read more about it below) we here at the [...]

Grenada’s Climate-Smart Rooms now open

Grenada’s Climate-Smart Rooms are now open On Friday 1st March 2019 True Blue Bay Boutique Resort officially launched Grenada’s brand new climate-smart Cocoa Pod rooms including 4 [...]

5 Ways to be a Conscious Consumer

The zero waste/ tiny house/ ethical vegan movement has been trending for the better parts of the last 3 years.  All over social media, we can witness people sharing that they are trying to lessen [...]

Valentines Day Dinner at Dodgy Dock

Dinner will be served from 6:30 pm- Live romantic entertainment for the night by the soulful and smooth voice of Jenny J For reservations please call 443 8783

Independence Day Dinner Menu

Served on February 7th from 6:30 pm To make reservations please call 443- 8783

Most Eco-Friendly Resort in Grenada

Climate-smart Cocoa Pods due to open in February 2019 Our construction team has been engrossed in the building of the most recent additions to our boutique resort – the most eco-friendly [...]

Budget-Friendly Caribbean Destinations to visit in 2019

 Forbes Magazine contributor and family travel writer, Shnieka Johnson, visited Grenada on a mission to share with readers all the reasons why the island is  one of the most budget-friendly [...]

Christmas Shopping in Grenada

True Blue Bay Boutique Resort’s Christmas Bazaar occurred Sunday, December 9th 2018. This Annual event spreads Christmas spirit and promotes local vendors and products of Grenada. This holiday [...]

New Years Eve Dinner at Dodgy Dock